Still Life - A style of photography that stretches my use of light, mood and composition. Like Food Photography, it uses small groups of objects to tell a story. 

Flowers - I love taking pictures of flowers. They are a wonder of nature and the intricacy of them is something I love to capture. So many that the images are endless. 


Landscape Photography is a discovery of the world around us. I love to travel and capture what I see. There is so many places and not enough time. I want to photograph it all. 

Times Remembered is looking at times gone by...old buildings, old equipment, old barns (my favorite)...all of it.  Freezing it in time to preserve our past and remenber where we came from. 

I love to explore the world and see what is out there...and then photography it. Taking pictures of the world around me and all the beauty it displays is something I love to capture and share. I have a few galleries that I would like to share with you. Please take a look and if you see something, you have the opportunity to purchase it for your home or office.

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